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This Time line displays plant location from the early days in Long Island to the present Connecticut Locations in Bridgeport and Stratford.


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Utgoff Farm Hempstead L.I.


Roosevelt Field



College Point
Queens N.Y


Stratford CT L.I. Sound


Bridgeport CT


Stratford CT North

Stratford CT North Corporate Headquarters




1) On March 5, 1923 Sikorsky Aero Engineering corporation was formed and dedicated to building the S-29A ("A for America") and was based at Lieutenant Victor Utgoff''s farm not far from, Roosevelt Field Hempstead, L.I. N.Y. The Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation which founded Sikorsky Aircraft has a proud and rich history spanning over 90 years of aircraft construction, perhaps making us one of the oldest aviation company in existence.

2) 1923-1926 Flying activities of the Sikorsky aircraft were conducted at Roosevelt Field.

3) 1926 Late - The Sikorsky company moved into the rented part of a factory in College Point, LI, NY, and began building S-38 Amphibians in quantity. The factory was across the bay from what is now LaGuardia Airport.

4) 1928 - With new capital, Sikorsky purchased land in Stratford CT, on Long Island Sound, and "in close proximity to deep water, which is important for our seaplane activities. In 1939 Sikorsky was merged with Chance Vought Aircraft and was renamed Vought -- Sikorsky Corporation.

5) 1943 -Sikorsky was awarded a production contract for the R-4 helicopter and the company was separated, with Vought Aircraft remaining in the Stratford Plant and Sikorsky moving and leased space on South Avenue, Bridgeport.

6) 1954 United Aircraft Corporation began construction on an 800,000 sq. ft. plant for Sikorsky on 270 acres of land in Stratford, along the Housatonic River, adjacent to the Merritt Parkway. The new plant would be in addition to the Bridgeport plant.

7 1980 -- the plant underwent a major expansion with primarily the addition of a New Engineering Building and a New finishes facility increasing square footage to approximately 2.2 million square feet.


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